Ola Hiraeth is an architectural interior design studio that specializes in commercial and residential projects, as well as the creation of useful and beautiful objects.  The studio is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is run by designers Renee Struthers and Tanya Peters.  

Ola Hiraeth strives to build interiors that speak to the human experience, to design spaces that are engaging, and to create places where people feel comfortable. Our focus is to build a quality of space, to provide elegant and functional interiors that are timeless and embody a natural simplicity.

We are mindful of evolving practices that limit the strain on our natural world.  Environmental stewardship is observed through thoughtful design decisions, by having a high regard for original architectural elements, and by selecting materials that have lasting value. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with our clients and other professionals to develop designs that work and feel good.